Students can grab a Lumia 950 for £404.99 directly from Microsoft right now

If you’re a student in the UK and looking to grab yourself a Lumia 950 or 950 XL this year, Microsoft has you covered with a student discount you probably don’t want to miss. The discount slashes 10% off a number of products, including the new flagship Lumia’s meaning you can grab one for just £404.99 directly from Microsoft.

The 950 XL is also part of the discount offer, priced at £476.99, which again equates to around 10% off. Now, considering this is a student discount, you will have to register as an eligible student on the Microsoft Store. This is a simple process which Microsoft will walk you through when checking out.

Once you have been verified, you’re ready to go! In fact, Microsoft has a number of products available in its Student store, including full Windows 10 licenses, and discounts on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. I recommend you check it out if you’re looking to save a few pounds.

Lumia 950 – Microsoft Student Store
Lumia 950 XL – Microsoft Student Store

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