Students in Australia can now get 15% off Surface through the Microsoft Store

Laurent Giret

Australian students out there, the Microsoft Store is offering a cool 15% discount on Surface devices and accessories right now, a nice opportunity to score one of Microsoft’s latest premium hybrid devices like the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book.

We spotted the news on the Surface subreddit, and according to redditors the price cut has been available since last November, but it seems it was only a 10% discount until now. If you don’t need a brand new Surface, be aware that there is also a 10% rebate on some Xbox One bundles, games and accessories, plus another nice deal on a 4-year Office 365 University subscription for just AU$99.

Australian Microsoft Store discounts

These deals are actually available for any Australian student, parent of a student, or faculty eligible for education pricing. And for our Australian readers who already purchased a Surface in the past 30 days but missed on those discounts, redditors are saying that the Microsoft Store may honour the lower price according to the price guarantee .

In case you plan to buy yourself a brand new Surface, don’t forget to look at our reviews for the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book!