Street Fighter’s Guile and Cammy come to Fortnite video game as skins in Season 7

Brad Stephenson

Street Fighter's Cammy and Guile in Fortnite video game on Xbox and PC

After adding Ryu and Chun-li in Chapter 2 Season 6, the popular Fortnite video game is now adding two additional characters from the classic Street Fighter franchise, Cammy and Guile.

Both Street Fighter characters will appear in the Fortnite in-game store on August 7th as individual purchases and as part of a bundle including a bonus loading wallpaper (see top image.)

Whether purchased as part of the bundle or individually, each character will come with an alternate style, their own back bling, and built-in emote. Cammy’s back bling is the green Borealis Backer while her emote is a flip kick from the Street Fighter games. Guile comes with a retro KO back bling and his iconic hair brush emote.

Street Fighter's Guile in Fortnite
Street Fighter’s Guile in Fortnite

In addition to all of the above content, special Guile and Cammy pickaxes will also be added to the store alongside a V-Trigger Vector glider.


Fortnite players have a lot to look forward to on Xbox, Windows PC, and all of the other supported platforms this month. A major in-game Ariana Grande concert event is happening this weekend while Chapter 2 Season 7’s Superman/Clark Kent skin will finally unlock soon after.

The alien mothership has also recently activated and has begun destroying several key locations on the map. Things are looking to get very interesting in the lead-up to Season 8 next month.

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Developer: Epic Games Inc.
Price: Free
Fortnite - 1,000 V-Bucks
Fortnite - 1,000 V-Bucks
Developer: Epic Games Inc.
Price: $7.99