Streamlabs launches new Lucra pay-per-view ticketing service for content creators and streamers

Brad Stephenson

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Lucra streaming service.

Streamlabs today announced the launch of their own streaming service built around pay-per-view online broadcasts, Lucra.

Unlike rival streaming services such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming which enable streamers to broadcast to the general non-paying public, Lucra requires viewers to purchase an online ticket which will grant them access for a single specific stream.

“Many traditional live streamers earn a living through tips from their audience or by working with paid sponsors,” Lucra’s founder and lead engineer, Tom Maneri, explains in a post on the official Streamlabs blog. “However, these methods aren’t a practical approach to building a business for new brands and content creators looking to utilize live streaming. We researched different ways to introduce additional growth opportunities for creators within the live stream ecosystem. Ultimately, we believe a live pay-per-view system will help provide a stable foundation for brands, businesses, and content creators to see meaningful growth.”

Lucra is completely free to use though 30% of ticket sales are deducted with the free tier. Those that wish to keep 100% of the money earned through ticket purchases are encouraged to sign up for the monthly Streamlabs Prime membership which also unlocks geofencing, additional customer data, and giveaways.

Streamlabs is currently one of the leading brands within the streaming space and is known for its various streaming services and Streamlabs OBS software which allows creators to broadcast on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

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