Streamers rejoice as Microsoft’s Mixer finally clamps down on 24/7 and follow-for-follow channels

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In response to a growing number of complaints from streamers and viewers, Mixer has finally updated their Rules of User Conduct to explicitly condemn channels that lower the average quality of content across the service by broadcasting streams of another channel’s content or creating a 24/7 automated livestream.

Such channels had been fairly common on Mixer (and other services such as YouTube and Twitch) for a while now but they had begun to overtake more genuine streams in a number of categories and were making it harder and harder for quality channels to be discovered.

Here’s the main gist of the updated terms:

Content Quality – Content streamed on Mixer should meet certain quality guidelines to fit in with the spirit of the communities we are growing. We also require that channel owners categorize their content as accurately as they can, so that communities on Mixer are able to find the content they are truly interested in.

Mixer does not allow the following:

  • Streams that are not the channel owner’s original content. i.e. Content streamed on Mixer should be your own creation.
  • Featuring content that the channel owner does not have permission to stream. i.e. Channels should not stream content they do not have the rights for.
  • Channels that primarily promote empty networking. Example: “Follow for Follow” channels
  • Channels focused on generating digital rewards. Example: “Spark Farming” or “Loot Farming” channels

The response to these changes has been overwhelmingly positive with both major and smaller streamers chiming in on Twitter with their gratitude.

Here are some of the reactions from Mixer streamers.

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