Straw app updates yet again, fixing several bugs and getting even better

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Straw app updates yet again, fixing several bugs and getting even better

After its rather significant update just a few days ago which added a fresh redesign as well as Microsoft and social media account logins, Straw has updated yet again, though with less new features this time and more bug squashing and fine tuning.

With the update to version 2.0.5, Straw users now have the ability to zoom in on a picture by tapping it and long poll questions have now been fixed to render properly. A bug involving logging in with a Microsoft account has been fixed and users can now dismiss StrawCast polls without the “are you sure” dialogue. There have also been “numerous other bug fixes and enhancements” though no specifics have been released.

Straw is a rather original app available on Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices that acts as a sort of poll-based social network. The app allows users to send polls publically to other Straw app owners which show up within the app and the polls can be posted on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Straw also has a pretty cool Microsoft connection that many are unaware of.

Have you tried Straw yet? What sort of polls have you created? Answer this poll by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.    

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