Straw app update brings an exciting new feature

Brad Stephenson

The Straw app has updated on Windows Phone as well as iOS with a cool new feature; custom poll IDs. These custom poll IDs essentially create a unique URL for each poll that’s created and allows for easy sharing of them to get more people participating in whichever question is being asked.
To create a custom poll ID, users simply need to click on the “Custom” tab during poll creation and enter their ID in the text field. If the ID chosen has already been used, the user will be notified and they can try another one. Those who have no preference for what their poll’s ID will be can simply leave it blank and Straw will automatically choose one for them upon poll creation. The custom poll ID functionality will reportedly be coming to Android soon.
This update also brings proper compatibility for Apple’s iOS9 operating system which should be good news for those with an iPod Touch or iPhone (but we all know Windows Phone is better *wink*).
Are you a fan of Straw? Do you think you’ll be using this new custom ID feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Developer: Straw, LLC
Price: Free