StoneGate IPS Attains ICSA Labs Certification Across All Models

London, UK – 13 December 2010 – Today announced that the entire StoneGate Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) suite of appliances has successfully attained ICSA Labs Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Certification.

“We are pleased to announce that our StoneGate IPS products have passed the demanding tests of ICSA Labs,” said Antti Kuvaja, director of product management at Stonesoft. “Stonesoft is one of just a few companies to have attained and retained this certification since initially receiving it on one of our models in 2007. By successfully completing testing against the standard, our customers are assured that each of our network IPS appliances protects against attacks and evasion techniques aimed at high-severity enterprise-relevant vulnerabilities.”

ICSA Labs network IPS testing follows a rigorous and repeatable testing process, requiring that all tested products pass every test case. At ICSA Labs, network IPS devices are tested annually against hundreds of test cases that map back to more than 50 criteria requirements. Network IPS devices are also tested to confirm that any security fixes identified in earlier testing are incorporated into the final product that goes to customers. Lastly, network IPS products are tested again when critical security vulnerabilities arise which merit an out-of-cycle test.

“With new remotely exploitable vulnerabilities emerging all the time, it is imperative that network IPS technologies keep pace, providing enterprise end users with appropriate coverage protection,” said Jack Walsh, network IPS program manager, ICSA Labs. “Because new vulnerabilities are continually being reported, network IPS testing must be more than an infrequent occurrence. The same is true of firewall testing. In both cases, testing must be performed frequently and employ an evolving methodology – as is our protocol here at ICSA Labs.”

The most recently tested StoneGate appliances – the IPS-1030 and IPS-6000 – remain continuously deployed in the ICSA Labs network IPS testing laboratory. This affords ICSA Labs the ability to test the network IPS devices whenever relevant vulnerabilities, attacks and evasions emerge.

StoneGate IPS is an essential part of the StoneGate product family, which also includes the StoneGate Management Center (SMC), Firewall/VPN and SSL VPN. The StoneGate product family provides the full benefits of a centralised management system including shared logging, reporting and auditing in physical as well as virtual environments.

The resulting reports and criteria documents are available at the ICSA Labs website via the following links:

– [url=]December 2010 StoneGate IPS Family Certification Testing Report[/url]
– [url=]May 2010 Coverage Protection Report[/url]
– [url=]ICSA Labs Web Page Linking to All Stonesoft Reports[/url]
– [url=]Network IPS devices testing requirements[/url]

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