Still waiting for WhatsApp? Try the official app of Telegram for Windows Phone

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Still waiting for whatsapp? Try the official app of telegram for windows phone

While WhatsApp is yet to arrive back onto the Windows Phone Store, another popular instant messaging service, Telegram has released its official app for Windows Phone. Much like WhatsApp, Telegram also lets you chat with your friends. However, the service carries several exclusive features that give it an upper hand over WhatsApp. Telegram utilizes a fully encrypted chat system and sports an auto-self destruct feature.

Also, Telegram couldn’t have asked for a better release date, as WhatsApp, the incredibly popular instant messaging service is missing from the Windows Phone Store. Though, this could be a planned strategy, as Telegram has previously benefited with over five million users in a single day, while WhatsApp was battling server issues.

Those of you who are waiting for WhatsApp to arrive back onto the store, can give Telegram a try and see if you like it. There are plenty of fake entries of Telegram app on Windows Phone Store. Make sure to download the one that says "Telegram Messenger LLP" as its publisher -- or just grab the app from the Download link below. 

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