Still using Windows 8.1? Microsoft is going to remind you about end of support

Kevin Okemwa

Windows 8.1

If you are still on Windows 8.1, Microsoft is cutting their support for this version on June 10, 2023. As spotted by ZDNet, Microsoft is going to begin notifying users about the move in July. “When they see notifications, users will be able to click “Learn more,” “Remind me later,” or “Remind me after the end-of-support date” leading up to January 2023″, Microsoft said.

Unlike Windows 7, Microsoft will not continue to provide Extended Security Updates for Windows 8.1. In January 2018, Microsoft marked the end of “Mainstream Support”. Also, under Microsoft’s lifecycle support policy, Windows 8.1 received 5 years’ worth of Extended Support where users would regularly get security updates, software updates, and technical assistance.

Microsoft is now encouraging users on Windows 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 11, as they will no longer provide security updates, Users could also choose to upgrade to Windows 10 although Microsoft intends to provide security updates for the OS until October 14, 2025. Remember, Microsoft recently cut support for IE 11 on June 15.