Is a Steven Spielberg Halo TV show still in development?

Frank O'Connor cameo in Forward Unto Dawn(Frank O'Connor making a cameo appearance in Forward Unto Dawn, via HaloPedia)

More than two years ago, in May of 2013, Microsoft announced that Steven Spielberg would be producing a Halo TV series, set for a fall 2015 release, and to be possibly aired on ShowTime.  Since then, a lot has happened, including the shuttering of Xbox Entertainment Studios (although at that time Microsoft execs said the Spielberg offering was still a go), a somewhat lackluster release of Halo:Nightfall and the mini-series Forward Unto Dawn, and it's been a long time since we've heard anything about Spielberg.

However in a long thread over at NeoGAF centering around the excellent audio podcast Hunt The Truth, the subject of the Spielberg dramatization came up again, with a number of commenters doubting that such a show would ever really materialize. One commenter, replying to another saying that "there was a show under development", said:

If this would still be a thing we would see some production photos etc... And if this is planned for October too, why is there no Trailer?
I think its cancelled.

That's where things get a bit more interesting.  In a reply to that post, NeoGAF user "Stinkles", known to be "Frankie", or Frank O'Connor, the  Franchise Development Director for the Halo franchise at 343 Industries, replied:

 You'd be wrong.

Interest is still high in not only Halo 5, which is set to launch on October 27th of this year, but for the Spielberg release.  Blogs like have been asking about the radio silence surrounding the series, and the Spielberg name could go a long way toward making Halo 5 one of the most memorable game launches in gaming history.

Are you getting excited for Halo 5?

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