Steven Sinofsky tweets from an iPhone, offers an insight on the importance of trip reports -
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Steven Sinofsky tweets from an iPhone, offers an insight on the importance of trip reports

Sinofsky iphone

To those who have not been following, Steven Sinofsky, the former head of Microsoft's Windows division and the man responsible for Windows 8, launched a new blog recently called "Learning by Shipping." But besides being the top guy behind Windows 8, Sinofsky seems to have ditched his loyalty to the Microsoft platform by tweeting from an iPhone.

For those who actually care (there are some of you who wont), Sinofsky has been tweeting a few times from his Apple iPhone, rather than a Windows Phone. One would think the man responsible for Windows 8, Microsoft's next generation operating system, would show some loyalty to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Then again, to play devils advocate, perhaps he has two phones? Or maybe he owns an iPhone and is proud of it. Either way, this was just something interesting to note, for those who are fans of Sinofsky and his work. Update: Sinofsky has confirmed that he owns an iPhone, as well as an Android phone:

Sinofsky iPhone

Speaking of his work, Sinofsky wrote a new blog post today on his "Learning by Shipping" blog and offered his thoughts on the importance of trip reports.

"From the earliest days of business travel, my managers have required a trip report in exchange for the privilege of taking a trip at company expense. Whether you are a manager or not, sharing your observations and learnings from a trip (site visit, customer roundtable, trade show, conference) is a way of contributing to the shared understanding of products and technologies," Sinofsky stated on his blog. Sinofsky offers pointers on how to offer the best trip report and gives suggestions such as adding pictures and depth of detail in blog posts. In fact, Sinofsky even gives a trip report about CES 2013. Hit the source link to read his blog post.

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