Steven Sinofsky to teach at Harvard University, over a month after leaving Microsoft

In a new tweet, former Microsoft Windows head Steven Sinofsky revealed his next move after leaving Microsoft abruptly over a month ago. Sinofsky is planning on returning to Harvard University to teach and engage in "new perspectives" as well as "share experiences."

Steven sinofsky to teach at harvard university, over a month after leaving microsoft - onmsft. Com - december 19, 2012

"Excited to return to @HarvardHBS to teach again this spring! New perspectives, recharge, share experiences, write," Sinofsky stated on Twitter. When asked exactly what he would teach, Sinofsky responded "product development." Sinofsky provided links to articles he wrote which deal with how firms can learn from projects through postmortem analysis and how key decision-making process within Microsoft's Office products division took place. Steven Sinofsky recently parted ways with Microsoft and the departure was a "personal and private choice" according to Sinofsky. Great to see him moving on!

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