Steven Sinofsky talks about product planning in a new Learning by Shipping blog post

Learning by Shipping WinBeta

To those who have not been following, Steven Sinofsky, the former head of Microsoft's Windows division and the man responsible for Windows 8, launched a new blog called "Learning by Shipping." In a new blog post, Sinofsky writes an in-depth look at the science behind product planning. A great weekend read for those interested.

"For a project of any size that goes beyond a handful of people or involves any complexity, detailing the how and why of a product, not just the what, is a critical first step. The reality is that every member of the team benefits from the context and motivation for the project. Armed with that information there is a basis upon which to make decisions-decisions about how to implement features, decisions over priorities of features, decisions about how the product will be positioned or sold, and so on," Sinofsky writes in the blog post. The main point of the blog post is to mention that product planning can be such a pain, but it doesn't have to be. He outlines some key points to help make the planning stage easier. Sinofsky's blog is in-depth, so grab a cup of coffee and hit the source link for the full post.

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