Steven Sinofsky launches new ‘Learn by Shipping’ blog, over a month after departing Microsoft

We learned recently that former Microsoft Windows head Steven Sinofsky was planning on returning to Harvard University to teach and engage in “new perspectives” as well as “share experiences.” After abruptly leaving Microsoft over a month ago, Sinofsky revealed that he is also launching a blog called “Learn by Shipping.”

“The title comes from something impressed upon me early in my career, which is that learning as an engineer comes from the process of starting, then finishing, and iterating on products–getting products to market and putting the broad feedback loop to work. The teams and processes used to create products are critically important and fun to talk about relative to shipping and learning as we search for the best approaches to use at a given time,” Sinofsky mentions in his blog.

Sinofsky made it easier for the Windows community to engage and learn about new Windows 8 features during the operating system’s development by posting blog entries on the Building Windows 8 blog as well as other blogs. Now, Sinofsky’s new blog “picks up where these blogs leave off” and offers insights and perspectives on product development, management, and the process of bringing new products to market. Hit the source link below to check out the blog.

Credit to @windows4live for noticing the blog!

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