Steven Sinofsky, incredibly smart but sometimes creates a toxic work enviroment

In a report by CNET, we get to see an in-depth look at Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky. Fifteen current and former Microsoft executives, as well as executives from partner companies, were interviewed about Microsoft’s main man and his strategy for launching products, including the upcoming Windows 8. The results? A very interesting read.

These 15 executives works directly with Sinofsky and had a first-hand view of his leadership. “They paint a picture of an executive who is incredibly smart and passionately driven to ship quality software on time. But some also say Sinofsky can create a toxic work environment that has chased talented employees away from a maturing company that’s in desperate need of innovative thinking. Yet Sinofsky has appeared to have consistently had the support of Gates and Ballmer,” the report states. For those that don’t remember, Sinofsky took over the Windows and Windows Live Group back in March of 2006. The report goes over Sinofsky’s strategy in launching products and how Sinofsky acknowledges that the organizational model is “controversial” but necessary. With the release of Windows 8 and Surface tablet nearing, lets just see how well Sinofsky’s leadership methods are. Grab a cup of coffee and head over to the source link for the report.

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