Steve Wozniak blames Microsoft for Macintosh’s instability

For those who had a Mac in 1996, you may have had a hard time using the OS if you had Internet Explorer installed. Well, that’s what Steve Wozniak thinks, claiming that Internet Explorer caused Mac OS to be unstable at most tasks such as copying files from one directory to another.

“Everyone who ran Internet Explorer you would have several crashes, every day. Move something into folder, it would crash, and you’d have to restart. Type something, crash restart.”

Although Apple did think the problem was their fault at first, it soon turned out to be Internet Explorer causing the problems for users. Other web browsers did not cause these problems.

But can Microsoft say the same about Apple Software on Windows? We’ve all used iTunes, and I think the majority of users would much rather use an alternative. iTunes and Quicktime on Windows is horrible compared to the Mac alternative, I find it always crashes.

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