Steve Jobs says Microsoft is “irrelevant” in his biography

Steve Jobs his new biography is really bringing out the man we never knew about in Steve Jobs, in his new biography, references to Microsoft and Steve Ballmer, his book claims that he thought Microsoft is irrelevant and that he thinks the company will only improve once Steve Ballmer is no longer at the company.

Snippets from Steve Jobs’ new biography have been leaking onto the internet this past week, many of the snippets haven’t been very friendly ones. Earlier this week, his book claimed to have slammed Android in saying that it is a stolen product, the book also claims that he thinks Bill Gates is unimaginative.

Today, another snippet from the book reveals his feeling towards Microsoft. He thinks the company is Irrelevant and that the company isn’t going to improve if current CEO Steve Ballmer is still working at the company.

Taken from NYT:

“In the final pages of the book, written in Mr. Jobs’s own words, he described Microsoft as “mostly irrelevant” and said companies like it often ran aground when they were run by salespeople. He singled out Apple’s former chief executive, John Sculley, and Microsoft’s chief executive, Steve Ballmer, as examples, adding that he didn’t think Microsoft would change as long as Ballmer was in charge.”

Steve Jobs died on October 5th 2011, at the age of 56.

What are your thoughts on this? Is Steve Jobs the man you thought he was? Leave your comments below!

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