Steve Ballmers’s USAFacts government data site is an early hit, expansion planned

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Anyone who saw USAFacts when it first released to the public just a month ago was likely impressed. Steve Ballmer’s website does an incredible job of taking the expansive topic of government spending and making it simple, and easy for everybody to make sense of. Utilizing simple graphics and a clean UI, Ballmer and his team made great strides towards offering the American people a factual, grounded source for information.

According to reporting from Bloomberg, Ballmer has seen some pretty heavy support for the website already. Aiming to roll with the momentum, he’s got tons of plans for how to expand the USAFacts service and make it something that everybody can make use of.

One of the most exciting features planned is integration with services like Siri and Cortana. Ballmer wants to work with Apple, Microsoft, and Google to make USAFacts display its information plainly for anybody when they ask “How much was spent on education in 2012” to their phones. Ballmer also plans on adding state and city breakdowns for more specific information, as well as potentially supporting countries other than the United States.

It’s hard to say exactly when any of these features will be implemented since USAFacts is still so early in its life. We’ll be keeping an eye out, and we’re sure Steve Ballmer is making every effort to make USAFacts the best it can be, as soon as possible.

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