Steve Ballmer’s replacement as CEO of Microsoft to be selected by the end of the year

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 10th, 2013 inNews

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft’s current CEO Steve Ballmer is set to retire and the devices and services company is still looking for a replacement CEO. According to a new report, a new CEO will be selected by the end of this year. A list of suitable candidates is getting smaller and smaller.

A report from Bloomberg states, from unnamed sources who want to remain private, that Microsoft’s board of executives have narrowed down its choices for company CEO. EBay’s CEO John Donahoe, and a few other candidates, reportedly declined the offer of being considered for the position, according to the report.

Microsoft has already spoken to candidates for the position, such as Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Nokia CEO Steven Elop (who is actually joining Microsoft due to the recent Nokia acquisition), Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz, and Microsoft’s business development Tony Bates. Perhaps one of these guys will be selected as the new CEO?

Microsoft is reportedly looking to have a name by the end of this year, but that can change depending on compensation negotiations. If Microsoft chooses to select someone from outside Microsoft, it also depends on when that individual can leave their current company.

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