Steve Ballmer: Reception to the Surface RT tablet has been "fantastic"

With the Surface RT now available for purchase, everyone has been wondering just how well this tablet, designed and marketed by Microsoft, is doing in terms of sales. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was recently talking about the upcoming Surface Pro and mentioned that the reception to the Surface RT has been "fantastic."

Steve Ballmer: Reception to the Surface RT tablet has been "fantastic" - - November 12, 2012

"When asked about Surface, Steve’s use of the term “modest” was in relation to the company’s approach in ramping up supply and distribution of Surface with Windows RT, which has only been available via our online store and certain Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. While our approach has been modest, Steve notes the reception to the device has been “fantastic” which is why he also stated that “soon, it will be available in more countries and in more stores," Microsoft mentions in an official statement. While we don't know exactly what that means, it looks like the Surface RT is off to a good start. Until we see some numbers, we are just going to have to take Ballmer's word for it. Ballmer also mentioned that the Surface Pro will be a higher-end version of the product with a higher-resolution and a new Intel processor.

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