Steve Ballmer receives pay raise, despite poor Windows Phone 7 sales

According to filing, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer received a pay increase, matching his annual salary, but he could have earned double his salary if sales of the company’s Windows Phone 7 platform were not “lower than expected.”

As reported by Yahoo Finance, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer failed to snag his maximum bonus this time around due to the company’s slow progress in the mobile phone arena and adapting to the tablet computer revolution.

Ballmer earned $682,500 for the latest fiscal year, which matches his annual salary. Ballmer, however, had the ability to earn double his salary, as a bonus.

Last year, Ballmer only earned a bonus equaling his salary due to the failure of the Kin phone and for not keeping up with new forms of computing.

Ballmer took over as CEO from Bill Gates back in 2000 and has faced numerous criticism over the years. In fact, one investor believed that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer needed to step down and discontinue his “Charlie Brown style of management” and to “give someone else a chance.”

This year, Microsoft took into account lower than expected sales of the Windows Phone 7 platform and the “need for further progress in new form factors” which is a direct reference to Microsoft’s inability to destroy the sales of Apple’s iPad.

However, the company did not forget about Ballmer’s achievements as CEO. Microsoft recognized him for launching the Kinect for Xbox, Office 365, building up the Azure cloud computing platform, the Bing search engine, purchase of online chat company Skype, and partnerships with Facebook and Nokia.

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