Steve Ballmer rated as tech’s worst CEO, will he last?

Wow this is not good for Steve Ballmer. A recent study indicated that Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has a very poor approval rating and its quite possibly the worst CEO in tech.

As ComputerWorld reports, a company called Glassdoor will regularly send surveys to company employees so they can rate their CEOs. When the Glassdoor received the completed surveys, one survey stood out. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a 40% approval rating, the lowest in any manor tech company. This spells bad news for Ballmer as his approval rating was slightly higher last year at 46%.

Not surprisingly, former employees of Microsoft were contacted and asked questions to better understand their reasons for leaving the company. Many ex-employees said Microsoft has lost its “mojo” as well as under Steve Ballmer’s direction, the company has “really lost its way.”

Steve Ballmer also lost a big bonus over the failure of the Kin phone; loss of market share in the company’s mobile phone business; and the need for the Company to pursue innovations to take advantage of new form factors such as the Tablet.

Next on the list of worst CEOs is eBay’s John Donahoe. His approval rating was at 46%. But at least he isn’t as bad on the rating scale as Steve Ballmer.

Enough about the worst CEOs, what about the good ones? Google CEO Eric Schmidt tops the list at an astonishing 96% approval rating followed closely by Steve Jobs with 95% approval rating. CEO ratings

Does this spell bad news for Steve Ballmer and will this affect his role as Microsoft’s CEO? What do you guys think?

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