Steve Ballmer to make his basketball team ditch Apple products in favor of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer to make his basketball team ditch Apple products in favor of Microsoft's

Last month former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, bought the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team for a whopping sum of $2 billion. He has now begun to hint the upcoming changes that the board will be making to the team and management. To begin with, Ballmer will get rid of Apple’s iPads from his team in favor of Microsoft’s tablets.

According to Ballmer, many Clippers are already using Windows products, and those who aren’t just yet, will soon ditch their iPads in favor of Windows-based tablets. But this will happen during off season.

This of course is a great opportunity for Microsoft to surge its footprints at the NBA alongside other games, though it would also have to compete with Samsung, which inked a deal last year with NBA to become the official supplier for several electronics products.

Steve Ballmer also acknowledged that under his leadership at Microsoft, the company didn’t exactly become a success in the mobile space. However, at the same time, he does intend to see things changing.

"And do I wish a higher percentage of today's mobile devices were ours and we had birthed that category?," he mused. "Yes, of course I do."

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