SteamWorld Dig released on Xbox One, Heist coming later in 2015

Brad Stephenson

SteamWorld Dig released on Xbox One, Heist coming later in 2015

A new platformer has just been released on the Xbox One. SteamWorld Dig describes itself as being “a platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences” and tasks players with controlling a lone mining steamboat called, Rusty after he arrives in an old mining town and begins to, well, mine.

The game features a heavy steampunk and Western look, randomly generated worlds and encourages exploration and puzzle-solving to uncover all of the hidden treasures and storyline relating to a lost human civilization who take the form of “a degenerate race of dynamite-wielding troglodytes”.

SteamWorld Dig isn’t the first SteamWorld game made by the game’s developers, Image and Form. A tower defense game called, SteamWorld Tower Defense has been released on Nintendo’s DS and 3DS handheld systems and a new SteamWorld game is also due for release later in 2015 on several platforms including the Xbox One called, SteamWorld Heist.

Unlike the platformer SteamWorld Dig and the tower defense game SteamWorld Tower Defense, SteamWorld Heist will be a turn-based combat game with a focus on space adventures and strategic shoot-outs. They really do know how to diversify a franchise!

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