State of Decay 2 video game updates with vehicle improvements, shotgun upgrade, and more

Brad Stephenson

Updated on:

State of Decay 2 video game on Xbox One and Windows 10

The latest update for the State of Decay 2 video game, Update 19, is now live for both Xbox One and Windows players.

This latest update makes a variety of improvements to the handling of vehicles, increases the power of the shotgun, and unlocks the bloodmobile for free for all players.

Here’s the official list of featured changes in this update though you can read the full, detailed, list of changes here.

  • Vehicle Tune-Up: Our mechanics have improved performance for all vehicles in the game.
  • Shotgun Upgrade: We’ve drastically upgraded the zombie-stopping power of the humble boomstick.
  • Drucker County, Enhanced: We made this plateau map more visually appealing and much friendlier for drivers.
  • Free Bloodmobile: Use your radio to call in this unique vehicle for your community. Available for a limited time!
  • World War 2 Pack Returns: Older weapons are now in loot, and new weapons and outfits are available from the Bounty Broker.

While development on State of Decay 3 has officially started, updates for State of Decay 2 will apparently continue for a while. “We deeply appreciate the excitement from the community, and we’re just getting started,” a statement on the official State of Decay blog reads. “Thank you for being here and playing — we couldn’t do this without you!”

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