State of Decay 2 to get new difficulty modes with “Choose your own Apocalypse” update

Kareem Anderson

State of Decay 2 is getting a new choose-your-own-adventure-like feature coming in its March 26, 2019, update.

Teased during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox streamed event yesterday, Xbox One’s first party zombie apocalypse game will now feature two new modes that allow gamers to choose the degree to which plague-battling affects their new or existing campaigns.

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In the newly dubbed Choose Your Own Apocalypse Update, gamers will be able to take existing communities and move them to a zone of their choosing. Survivors can then venture into more grueling zones to test their strength, stamina, and skills in either Dread or Nightmare Zones.

Dread Zones

  • Threat level is elevated, making sieges at your base more frequent and more dangerous.
  • Hordes are larger and more frequent, and some of them wear armor.
  • Zombie attacks do more damage and cause more injuries.
  • Zombies are no longer visible on the mini-map unless your active character has the Scouting skill.
  • Zombies will spend longer chasing a noise before losing interest.
  • Blood Plague is more infectious and kills you faster.
  • Hostile NPCs can survive a headshot or two before dying.

Nightmare Zones

  • Nightmare Zones have all the same challenges as Dread Zones, plus –There are significantly more freaks and hordes in the world.
  • Zombies have an extremely long memory for where noises came from.
  • Bloaters, screamers, and ferals can travel in packs.
  • Blood plague is even more virulent.
  • Plague hearts are more abundant.
  • Hostile NPCs can take even more headshots before dying.
  • Hostile NPCs have a chance to headshot the player, bringing them near death.
  • There are even fewer resources and items to be found out in the world.
  • Many of the sites in each map have been completely looted before you can even get there.
  • Vehicles are even rarer, and tend to show up broken-down and out of gas.

In addition to the new types of game play introduced by the new zones, gamers will also be able to rack up 16 new Achievements for the game.

The update is due in a couple of weeks and is free to all SoD2 owners.