State of Decay 2 gets massive 3.0 update on Xbox One and Windows 10

Once again, State of Decay 2 loyalists are being rewarded with another feature packed update. The new update simply titled Content Update 3.0 went live for PC and Xbox One users sometime late yesterday, and brings with it a laundry list of improvements such as a mission saving tweak in vehicle teleportation.

Here is the full list of features and improvements players will see the next time the log on.

  • All players in a multiplayer game can now use the “Stuck?” radio command.
  • Vehicles will now be teleported by the “Stuck?” radio command.
  • The “Stuck?” radio command now won’t teleport you all the way back to your base.
  • Players can now use the Workshop facility to repair or salvage equipped weapons, rather than having to drop them into the Supply Locker first.
  • Salvaged weapons now return their ammo to your Supply Locker instead of destroying it.
  • Info flyouts for outposts on the map screen now show the outpost number, which corresponds to the outpost number in the base management screen.
  • Players will now see a banner at the top-center of screen when a community member dies, instead of the brief side notification that previously popped up.
  • Players will now see a banner at the top-center of screen when a community member threatens to leave or leaves, instead of the brief side notification that previously popped up.
  • Communities will now automatically claim an appropriate “starter” home site when traveling to a new map.
  • Several radio commands have been enabled for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Players can now drop equipped weapons.
  • Players can now buy 1 individual item from a stack when trading with enclaves.
  • Players can now navigate conversation options with Left Stick as well as D-pad controller input.
  • The Supply Locker is now automatically sorted by item type. Additionally, the Ranged Weapons tab has the option to sort by either ammo caliber or weapon type.
  • When approaching the Storage facility with a rucksack equipped, the interaction text will now display the resource type and the resource yield.
  • The Mysterious Wandering Trader now appears more reliably.
  • Adjusted the cadence of the Independence Pack DLC trader to better balance with the Wandering Trader.
  • The mission that creates the trader who supplies skill books is now called “Skills Trader” (to more clearly communicate its different nature). Also, this mission can now occur during the week (and not just on weekends).

That's just the dessert potion of this feast of an update. The main course comes in a litany of bug fixes, UI and multiplayer tweaks that address early criticisms of the games gameplay.

For a full list of check marks coming with Content Update 3.0 players can visit the State of Decay 2 website here, or simply download the update and go searching for themselves as they play.

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