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State Bank of India app dropping support for older Windows Phones

The official State Bank of India app will soon drop support for Windows phone devices running Windows Phone 8 and under. The announcement was made via an in-app notification as well as more direct communications with bank customers.

The reason appears to be for security purposes and will also affect Android users with devices running versions 4.2 and below. This change should not affect Windows phone owners with devices running Windows Phone 8 and above (including Windows 10 Mobile).

The WhatsApp app also ceased supporting older mobile operating systems recently but this mostly affected Windows Phone 7 devices. WhatsApp will still work on Windows Phone 8 phones.

It’s common for users to delay updating their devices due to an attachment to the way a device works with the current OS or out of fear of the device being damaged due to an update bug. Updating is important though as it ensures that technology is protected against the latest security threats.

Is your Windows phone running the latest version of the operating system? Let us know in the comments below.

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