Starwhal, Baseball Riot, The Escapists and others prove there's more than AAA games on Xbox One

Xbox One owners looking for something a little less mainstream to play on their consoles have a lot to enjoy with this week’s new releases; Starwhal, Baseball Riot, and the GG 2015 and Law and Order bundles.
Starwhal is a quirky arcade game that tasks players with controlling brightly colored space-narwhals in a variety of violent battle situations either with up to 4 local players or computer-controlled AI. Here’s the official description:
Flop it out with up to 4 players in a retro, epic narwhal battle in space! The heart-piercing action is furious and unrelenting.
STARWHAL will change your life.
This Digital Entertainment Object for Home Console Hardware is all about love, respect, and ALL-OUT MAYHEM. Inspired by countless couch-gaming gatherings over the decades, Breakfall developed something competitive, creative, and immediately fun. STARWHAL is the number one local multiplayer couch gaming experience featuring marine mammals in outer space.
STARWHAL is a simulation of dreams in an ocean of the mind.
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Baseball Riot on the other hand is a physics-based puzzle game that bares more than a striking resemblance to the classic Game-and-Watch handheld videogames of old. The game provides over 100 levels for players to work through and promises a variety of challenging Xbox Achievements.
Baseball Riot is a fun physics based puzzle game packed with slapstick comedy and mayhem! Take control of retired star batter Gabe Carpaccio as he goes on a crusade to free his former team from the grasp of Explodz Inc. Smash baseballs at various Explodz fueled goons such as obnoxious fans, biased umpires, leery catchers and more. Bounce the ball of walls and platforms to knock out many targets with one hit. Detonate Explodz crates to launch the baddies sky high! See the enemies tumble as hapless ragdolls and try to master each level by collecting three stars. Conquer more than 100 levels and save the day!
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The GG Bundle 2015 contains four Xbox One titles released by Grip Games over the last year; Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut, Tower of Guns, Jet Car Stunts and Unmechanical: Extended. All four games are fairly different and cover a variety of genres from platformer and first-person puzzler to racing and first-person shooter and make up a pretty diverse package.
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The Law and Order Bundle has nothing to do with the TV show of the same name but contains the two cult games, The Escapists and LA Cops.
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Will you be picking up any of these titles? What smaller Xbox One titles do you recommend?

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