The start button in Windows 8 is gone because nobody used it, apparently

According to a new report, Microsoft killed the infamous Start Button because nobody used it. Many thought that the Start Button was popular, since it’s probably the number one featured that users want back in Windows 8. Maybe we were wrong.

The world looked on in horror when we heard that Microsoft had killed the Start Button in Windows 8. Microsoft had their reasons, but none were good enough. Apparently though, the company has shed some light on why they did kill the button, it was because nobody used it.

“When we evolved the taskbar we saw awesome adoption of pinning [applications] on the taskbar. We are seeing people pin like crazy. And so we saw the Start menu usage dramatically dropping.”.

The release of Windows 7 introduced new pinning functionalities to the taskbar, which dramatically dropped the usage of the Start Menu in Windows 7, and after thinking about it, it’s true. Many users just pin their most used apps to the taskbar, so they never need to see the Start Menu.

What do you think? Are Microsoft still right or wrong for removing the start menu? Let us know!

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