Starfield to get official modding support next year

Robert Collins

Starfield Screen Shot 16 Custom

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Bethesda Game Studios boss and legendary game designer Todd Howard revealed that Starfield will get official mod support starting in 2024. When asked about the possibility of introducing new creatures into the game with mods, Howard responded,

You will be able to do almost anything, just like in previous works. Mod support will be available next year, but we love it too, so we’ll do it in a big way.

Starfield Screen Shot 11 Custom

Of course many mod enthusiasts aren’t waiting for the official modding tools to become available. Modder’s have already been hard at work making their own additions to the massively open world sci-fi RPG in the form of visual tweaks and even UI improvements.

Bethesda games in particular tend to get plenty of modding support in the form of both official and fan mods. The Skyrim modding scene, for example, continues to be lively years after the game’s initial release back in 2011. When the official mod kit for Starfield releases it will allow console users to access mods straight from their Xbox and even make their own mods.

Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Price: Free

Via NME.