Starbucks for Windows 10 Mobile updated, reportedly fixes auto-logout bug

Jack Wilkinson

Starbucks has released an update to its Windows 10 Mobile app. The update will, hopefully, delight many users of the app, as it reportedly fixes one of the most annoying bugs with the app.

This update, version, appears to fix the issue where the app would log the user out when opened on occasion. This bug isn’t consistent and doesn’t always happen, therefore, while it appears this update resolves that issue, it cannot be guaranteed until the update has been available for a little longer.

Some users have been reporting issues with topping-up their account via the app, this appears to be due to a server-side issue with Starbucks and has also impacted physical stores payment methods today, particularly in the United Kingdom. If you’re experiencing issues, it is best to report them to Starbucks’ Customer Service team, who will look into the issue. We’ve reached out to Starbucks to make them aware of this.

Nonetheless, the update is available now from the Windows Store on Windows 10 Mobile.

Price: Free+