Starbucks app for Windows 10 Mobile is nearly ready

Jack Wilkinson

After the announcement that Starbucks would be arriving this month to Windows 10 Mobile, people were wondering why it isn’t here yet – as it’s the end of the month – but not to worry, it is still on the way, just a little later than was announced.

Adam Brotman, the Global Chief Digital Officer, replied to a tweet stating that it is still on its way, and we should expect it in the next few weeks:

The Starbucks app has been submitted to the store for approval by Microsoft, and the company is running its final quality checks to fix any bugs that may have cropped up. We should expect to see it live on the store in a few weeks time, hopefully with a refined feel to it.

At the moment, it is unclear if the app will be a Universal Windows app, as so far Starbucks has only spoken about the mobile side of it, however, the firm has also launched integration with Microsoft’s Office platform, so it shows that they have some interest in the desktop environment.