Star Wars: Squadrons: First trailer, details on pre-order bonuses, cross-play, character cameos, and more

Brad Stephenson

Star Wars: Squadrons video game on Xbox One.

The recently announced Star Wars: Squadron video game dropped its first trailer (watch below) today along a bunch of information about its playstyle and features.

As its name and imagery suggests, Star Wars: Squadron is an aerial combat Star Wars title. The title will feature a single-player campaign mode with a completely original story but its primary focus will be its online multiplayer matches which will support up to 10 players.

Cross-play will also be fully supported which means that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players should be able to play together. Specifics on the nature of the cross-play haven’t been detailed though. An Xbox Series X version is likely but hasn’t been announced.

Judging from dialog in the trailer that mentions the New Republic, both the campaign and multiplayer will be set sometime after the events of Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi and before Episode VII: The Force Awakens (the same time period as The Mandalorian). The main characters appear to be all original creations but Wedge Antilles and Hera Syndulla (from the films and Rebels animated series respectively) can also be spotted in cameo roles.

Star Wars: Squadron will support HDR and 4K Ultra HD when played on an Xbox One X console and it’s already up for digital pre-order ahead of its October 2nd release date here for the relatively cheap price of $39.99.

Those who pre-order Star Wars: Squadron will unlock the following cosmetic items:

  • New Republic Recruit Flight Suit (Epic)
  • Imperial Ace Flight Suit (Epic)
  • New Republic Recruit Starfighter Skins (Rare)
  • Imperial Ace Starfighter Skins (Rare)
  • New Republic Recruit Decal (Common)
  • Imperial Ace Decal (Common)

More details regarding the gameplay and other content are expected to come out of the EA Play online event later this week.

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