Star Wars: Legacy of the Sith delayed until next year

Brad Stephenson

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Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith video game

Legacy of the Sith, the upcoming content update for the long-running Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) online multiplayer video game, has been delayed from December 14th this year to February 15th, 2022.

“Like many of you reading this, I personally cannot wait for the launch of our next expansion,” SWTOR project director, Keith Kanneg, said in an official blog post. “I’ve greatly enjoyed my time exploring the depths of Manaan, testing out new story and ability combinations with Combat Styles, and more during internal playtests.

“Legacy of the Sith is something the team has been hard at work on for quite a while but as we get ever closer to launch, it is clear that we need a bit more time. We’re focusing additional testing on the many areas we have changed throughout the game to deliver the experience we want, and one that you deserve.”

Legacy of the Sith will be a completely free update for all Star Wars: The Old Republic players. Like previous updates, Legacy of the Sith will introduce an entirely new storyline, a variety of new characters, and several fresh locations including the underwater facilities of Manaan, an old Sith complex on Elom, and the R-4 Anomaly.

A livestream detailing some of the content Star Wars fans can expect to see in Legacy of the Sith was recorded last month. It can be watched below.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the very few remnants from old Star Wars canon that still receives new content and support since Disney acquired the franchise licence. While none of its story or characters are now considered part of official Star Wars canon, the game’s loyal and active playerbase has not only justified continued technical support, but a host of new updates and additions are now in the pipeline that will keep The Old Republic active well past its 10th anniversary which it hit this year.

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