Star Wars Battlefront updated yet again with another new map

Just a few weeks ago the latest update for Star Wars Battlefront rolled out to systems across the world. The update had a huge changelog and included a new map and new missions. Today, a March update has arrived for the game, and it adds another new set of free content.

Not to be confused with paid DLC that should be arriving later this month, the free update adds the "Survivors of the Endor" map. This map will be part of the Walker Assult, Supremacy and Turning Point game types.  The map is much wider than others and has high vantage points and secret passages.

A new survival mission, "Rebel Depot on Tatooine" is also part of the March update. There are no other known changes in EA's changelog and no changes have been added to weapons or vehicles.

Star Wars Battlefront originally launched in November of 2015. The game sees monthly updates and downloadable content. There is also a tie-in game, Star Wars Battlefront Base Command, which allows players to earn and unlock star cards that can be used to unlock items in the main game.

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