Star Wars Battlefront season pass holders users can now download Bespin DLC

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Still want more content for Star Wars: Battlefront? If you’ve got the season pass on hand, you can indulge that urge right now (via Windows Central). The newest DLC features Bespin, the massive gas giant in the Star Wars universe that you might know as the home of Cloud City, from The Empire Strikes Back. With the new battleground of Bespin, you’ll be getting a bevy of new content, including new maps, new heroes, and a new game mode.

The DLC’s trailer, shown above, should give you a solid idea of what you can expect going into it. Just like previous DLC packs for the game, you’re going to be seeing a pretty hefty addition of content for your money, depending on how much Star Wars: Battlefront you tend to play. Bespin might deliver the most nostalgia yet for many Star Wars fans, doubling down on exciting places like Jabba’s palace and Hoth with the iconic imagery of Cloud City. If you don’t have the Season Pass and want to purchase this DLC independent of the other expansions, you can do so starting on July 5th.

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