Star Wars Battlefront II video game’s BB Update is now live plus a new planet has been announced

Brad Stephenson

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Rey, BB-8, Finn, and Kylo Ren in Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One and Windows PC

After a short delay due to a detected bug, the latest free update for the popular Star Wars Battlefront II video game is now rolling out on PC, PS4, and Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles.

This latest update us being officially referred to as the BB Update because, not only does it bring BB-8 to the game, it also adds BB-9E, the First Order BB droid seen in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

BB-8 and BB-9E are rather different than existing hero characters in Battlefront II as they each move much faster across maps than the existing characters and also act as a kind of supporting role with increased speed at completing objectives and a passive ability that will decrease nearby allies’ ability cooldown speeds.

In addition to the new droid heroes, this update also brings the Sequel Trilogy to the Capital Supremacy game mode with Takodana, Jakku, and Ajan Kloss now playable. Two new capital ships have also been added to the game mode.

Included with the release notes for the BB Update was also some news on future updates for Star Wars Battlefront II over the coming months with confirmation that Original Trilogy locations would soon be coming to Capital Supremacy and Co-Op and the announcement that Scarif, from Rogue One, would soon be added.

While it’s assumed that the Scarif map will be the same one from Star Wars Battlefront, it will likely see some visual improvements and some design changes like all of the maps in Capital Supremacy to make it look more war-torn and action-packed.

More details on Scarif and the Original Trilogy maps will be confirmed later this month.

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