Star Wars Battlefront II video game update brings Ewoks to more game modes and adds loads of content

Brad Stephenson

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Star Wars Battlefront II’s latest update is rolling out to Xbox One consoles and other platforms today and, like other recent updates, is packed with content.

The name of this update is The Age of Rebellion Update and its main focus is on bringing Original Trilogy maps to the Co-Op game mode. Impressively, Yavin, Death Star II, Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Kessel, and Jabba’s Palace will all be playable in Co-Op once the update downloads. These same maps will then be added to the larger Supremacy mode in March’s update.

In addition to these seven locations, the Venator, Dreadnaught, MC85 Star Cruiser, and First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer capital ships have also been added to Co-Op this month. These four ship locations acted as the final stage in the Supremacy game mode before now and have been repurposed for Co-Op to be used for the entirety of a match. This isn’t too much of a surprise as the capital ships are absolutely massive.

To complement the Original Trilogy maps in Co-Op, two new reinforcements from that era have been added to the game. The Rebellion side has been gifted with an Ewok Warrior while those playing on the Empire’s side can now play as an ISB Agent.

While most Star Wars fans will be familiar with the Ewok Warrior, the ISB Agent is a much more niche addition from the franchise’s canon. ISB stands for Imperial Security Bureau and this section of the Empire have only shown up in a few select sources such as the Inferno Squad novel. Interestingly, the main villain of The Mandalorian, Gideon, was once a member of the Imperial Security Bureau.

Other noticeable additions are the inclusion of four new weapons for infantry to use across all game modes, a slight revamping of Princess Leia, and the MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer being added to Heroes Versus Villains. New skins for the Wookie Warrior and the Rocket Trooper have also been added.

The Age of Rebellion Update is completely free for all owners of Star Wars Battlefront II. It follows a series of large monthly updates that have added BB droids, content from The Rise of Skywalker, a variety of new skins and maps.

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