Star Wars Battlefront II video game gets new Double and Triple XP weekly events

Brad Stephenson

Rey Skywalker with yellow lightsaber in Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One

The Star Wars Battlefront II video game has just received a rather significant update to its weekly Double XP Wednesday events which would give players twice the XP in all game modes every Wednesday.

Announced by EA’s Kevin Johnson on Twitter, the weekly Wednesday Double XP event will now become a Triple XP event and playing on Saturday and Sunday will now earn players Double XP. That’s a lot of XP!

Star Wars Battlefront II now has a lot more content than it had when the title first launched so these extra XP events are much needed by players who want to level up all of their hero characters, troopers, and ships.

Player passion for Star Wars Battlefront II is still rather high and the fan petition to get more content for the title and continue the Battlefront franchise has now passed over 100,000 signatures. EA announced earlier this week that more Star Wars video games are on the way but no details were provided on what titles they would be.

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