Star Wars Battlefront II petition picks up steam with almost 50,000 signatures in first week

Brad Stephenson

Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One

It’s been just over a week since the petition for EA to continue content updates for the Star Wars Battlefront II video game was created and it’s already garnered over 45,000 signatures.

The online petition was made in response to the rather abrupt announcement by EA that the recent game update would be its last even though Battlefront II is by all accounts in its prime and still has a very active following.

Admittedly, EA’s reason for ceasing content updates for the game is understandable as every single update for the game has been completely free for all players since launch. This is why this petition is asking for the compromise of paid DLC for Star Wars Battlefront II, something most players seem to be generally fine with after more than two years of free content.

It’s unclear how effective this petition will be, as most online petitions don’t seem to achieve much, but the fact that these fans are not just asking for more content but are telling EA that they will pay for it does set this cause apart from others.

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