Star Wars Battlefront II: 15,000 gamers have signed a petition asking EA to continue support for the video game

Brad Stephenson

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Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition video game on Xbox One

EA officially announced that no more new content would be coming to the Star Wars Battlefront II video game last week.

While the servers will still be supported and there’s a lot of content for fans of the title to unlock and play, many were shocked and disappointed due to the positive reputation Battlefront II now has among players and critics and the rather passionate and active playerbase that’s still playing it on a daily basis.

One of the likely reasons for the end of new content is the fact that it’s become almost impossible for EA to make a profit from doing so after promising that all new content would be completely free.

After two years of rather impressive updates that added a variety of new planets, game modes, and characters, a lot of Star Wars Battlefront II’s playerbase seems to be completely fine with paying for future content if the alternative is no content at all.

Almost as soon as the end of support was announced, some players created an online petition asking EA to start making paid content for Battlefront II. In just a few days, the petition has already made it to 15,000 signatures and is now aiming for the 25,000 goal.

While gamers are currently very much against any sort of pay-to-win model, it’s safe to say that most would be happy paying for new hero characters such as Ahsoka, Ventress, Padme, Jango, and Din Djarin (the Mandalorian). Alternate appearances for current and new characters could also be an incredibly viable option.

Update: The Star Wars Battlefront II petition now has over 45,000 signatures.

What do you think? Would you like to see support extended for Star Wars Battlefront II? If so, sign the petition and then let us know in the comments what kind of content you’d be willing to pay money for.