Star Wars Battlefront beta is finally on Xbox One

Staff Writer

If you’re a regular reader of WinBeta, you’ve probably seen us reported on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Beta quite regularly. Well, the reporting ends here because one of the most anticipated Xbox One games is now ready to be previewed and played late into the night. Take a look at the game trailer below to whet your appetite.

This Star Wars Battlefront beta is an open beta, so there’s no need to register. Fans can download the beta using the link at the end of this article and you’ll be shooting your way around the Star Wars universe in no time.
To recap, this beta brings you into the thick of the Walker assault on Hoth where up to 40 players can battle on either the Rebel or Empire side. There’s also a level called ‘Dropzone on Sullust’ where players must control space pods that are crashing down from above. Finally, on another level, gamers must survive on Tatooine and battle the Empire in a co-op mission.
Don’t forget if you can’t get enough of the gameplay in the beta, you can use the links below to pre-order the full game that will be released on Nov. 19.

Download Star Wars Battlefront beta for Xbox One

Pre-order Star Wars Battlefront Standard Edition

Pre-order Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition