Square Enix game Forspoken won’t hit Xbox until 2025 after yet another delay

Robert Collins

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You may remember we reported earlier this month that the upcoming Square Enix action-RPG Forspoken had been delayed “a result of ongoing discussions with key partners.”

We now know what this meant exactly. It meant that Sony felt Forspoken’s prior October 11 release date may have clashed with God of War: Ragnarok’s November launch. Hence Forspoken’s delay until January 2023 despite the game’s near complete development status.

And since Sony has a 2-year timed-exclusivity agreement with Square Enix for the game, this means that Forspoken will release on Xbox in January 2025 at the very earliest.

Also, Forspoken was to be the first game to demonstrate the capabilities of DirectStorage technology on Windows 11. Whether this latest delay will affect DirectStorage on Windows 11 remains to be seen.