Sprint drops Windows Phone from their online smartphone offerings

Sprint drops Windows Phone from their smartphone offerings online

US Wireless carrier Sprint has stopped offering Windows Phones on their website. Previously Sprint sold the HTC 8XT and the Samsung Neo, but now they phones are not listed. In fact under the filtering options Windows Phone is no longer an option. Sprint only sells Apple, Android, and Blackberry phones. In addition to no Windows Phones, under the Tablets & More tab, no Windows tablets are listed.

This revelation is not very surprising because Windows Phone has only had weak offerings on Sprint. The HTC M8 is for sale with Android, but the HTC M8 for Windows never made its way to Sprint. It is interesting to see a carrier who has had weak support to all out drop Windows Phone, and while Sprint is a small carrier it isn't good to see Windows Phone lose any exposer to customers.

Microsoft should add this to the wealth of evidence that Windows Phone is good, but not good enough. The platform sees little support from third party companies, and little attention from Microsoft. Alone Windows Phone has the essential features, but when but side by side with Android or iOS the OS falls apart. Poor quality of built in apps, lack of third party apps, quickly communicate to phone buyers that maybe they should look elsewhere. Hopefully Microsoft takes Windows Phone 10 seriously.

Update: Looks like Sprint plans to offer Windows Phone devices in the future. This is what a Sprint spokesperson said: "We do expect to bring new Windows Phone devices to our customers in the near future, and Sprint is committed to offering a variety of operating systems to our customers." The HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo were available for more than 18 months and are no longer available on the Sprint website.

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