Spotify app for Windows Phone to finally get an update, Spotify Free arriving soon

Spotify app for Windows Phone finally gets an update, Spotify Free arriving soon

Spotify users on Windows Phone have been stuck with an app that has needed attention for quite some time now. But the wait is finally over, as Spotify, the popular music service, has revealed two new updates for the Windows Phone 8 app are set to arrive soon.

"We’re happy to announce that two new updates are coming to Windows Phone 8 users this spring. The first Spotify update brings the much-anticipated Radio, Browse and Discover features. This means that you will be able to listen to personalized radio stations, browse for what’s hot and what’s new, or discover more music."

Spotify is set to receive the highly-anticipated Radio, Browse, and Discover features, bringing the app on par to the Android and iOS apps. With these new features, you can listen to personalized radio stations, browse around for the newest and hottest music, as well as discover new music.

Spotify will also receive an updated UI design, along with the availability of Spotify Free for Windows Phone. This feature has already been available for Android and iOS users, and now Windows Phone users can enjoy listening to music from any artist in "shuffle" mode, without having to pay for a subscription to listen. Of course, the experience is much better with a subscription.

These updates are set to arrive later this spring. No word on exactly when Spotify Free for Windows Phone will make its debut.

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