SpongeBob is the latest hit character to come to Minecraft

Robert Collins

The world of SpongeBob is coming to Minecraft in the game’s latest DLC.

In SpongeBob SquarePants by creator Spark Universe, you can dive into SpongeBob’s world like never before. The map includes the Pineapple House, Reef Cinema, Jellyfish Fields, Mrs. Puff’s Boating School, and more.

The DLC includes six quests that’ll have you defending the Krusty Krab, including a combat-based mini-game featuring weaponized burgers.

Celebrate the launch of the SpongeBob Minecraft DLC with the Best Day Ever Build Challenge. Build something that will make your favorite Minecraft player’s day!

Also, the DLC includes a free SpongeBob character-creator item from the Dressing Room.

Head on over to the Minecraft Marketplace to download the DLC and get in on the fun.