Microsoft: The Kinect sensor isn’t being abandoned, still an important part of Xbox

Microsoft: The Kinect sensor isn't being abandoned, still an important part of Xbox

Lately, Microsoft has been offering Xbox One bundles without Kinect which makes a few people think about the future of the accessory. But, it seems that’s not the case as Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently said in an interview with Edge – as spotted on Gamespot – that Microsoft has no plans to discontinue Kinect.

“It’s not abandoned. We just developed Upload Studio 2.0, which has green screening that you can do with Kinect. We’ll continue to build functionality to make it a valuable part of the ecosystem,” Spencer said. 

Xbox One was continuously outsold by its rival, the PlayStation 4 for several months, and it should be as it was costlier than the PS4. However, with a few price drops over the holidays and the months following it, Microsoft has seen an increase in the sales of the console, which is one of the reasons why the company started offering the console without the Kinect sensor — that is, to be more price competitive. Spencer mentioned that Microsoft is giving customers all sorts of options when it comes to Xbox One. Customers who don’t want the sensor can purchase the console without it, and they can even buy it later if they decide it’s something they want, or don’t buy it at all.

Spencer said, “Price point’s really important for the console – we saw that over the holidays in the UK and US, where we did well when we dropped the price, which was great. And I want to make sure consumers have choice on how much they value the functionality of Kinect when they buy a console. If you want to go buy a Kinect console [bundle], then they’re still available. I think it’s a great part of the ecosystem. And if you want just a console, and either add Kinect later, or Kinect’s simply not something you’re interested in, we give you that choice as well.”

Most Xbox One bundles these days costs $350 at major retail locations, bundled with some popular games. Add the Kinect sensor to it and the price hikes to $499.99. This is a big jump for users who don’t even use the sensor, and especially when it makes it more expensive than the PlayStation 4.

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