Speech Synthesis API now available for Microsoft Edge developers

Michael Cottuli

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is well on its way, and it’s bringing tons of changes and improvements to developers and standard users alike. Besides all of the new features that the everyday Windows 10 user is going to be enjoying, the update will be giving developers a whole lot of new goodies to use when they’re putting together apps and web pages.

The latest announcement for those developers is in regards to Microsoft’s speech synthesis API, which is going to be made available publicly with the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The API is ready to go right now in Windows Insider builds starting with EdgeHTML 14.14316 and above.

According to the Microsoft Edge Dev blog, the API’s will provide a variety of speech services aimed at providing customizable voice and language text-to-speech capabilities in Edge. In addition, the Edge team has provided a demo for checking out Edge Speech Synthesis today.

The addition of the API is going to be useful whenever developers need to use narration of some kind, and offers more simplicity when designing any interface that requires text-to-speech. With Microsoft making these tools available, developers whose applications or websites make use of text-to-speech are going to be seeing a significant quality of life improvement.

If you want to know some of the more technical details of this addition, you can check out Microsoft’s blog post right here. Let us know in the comments if you’re a web developer and are looking forward to implementing text-to-speech capabilities for your Edge users.